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You're coming from and what we can tell, you're using CCBot/2.0 ( So far, we have 4053 individual visitors. Don't worry, we don't use this data for anything. It's just a funny feature.

I assume that you're familiar with testi-pannu or then again, you might know me from somewhere else (for example But the same rules applies here, so no funny business. I already pulled the plug for Testi-pannu and infected-design. Although, testi-pannu had like almost 6000 visitors in a year. I consider that as an achievement. I didn't see any reason to keep them anymore, because testi-pannu was testi-pannu and infected-design used to lie on the edge of shellit server, without versioncontrol. Website without versioncontrol is just a no go! You don't do that.

You can probably still find or using wayback machine.

This is still just a maybe, but maybe I add Circle CI, and probably .gitworkflows to this project. Although, they're not necessary. But then again, I found out quite handy tools like Snyk and Sentry.

At the moment we are not fully compliant with GDPR, but we are working on that. We or I tried to use Bootstrap Icons with grunt, and it didn't work out as suspected. Because I haven't touched OI (short for openinnovations), I didn't remember that we already have Gulp running here. Let's see what I can do. If Gulp doesn't do the trick, then we try webpack. In any case those six icons on the bottom of the page, they come from somewhere. Probably from the US, so that's not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

Also I’m sorry that the pages are quite heavy to load. I'm no frontend developer, although I'm fullstack, but or so, give me some slack. My rule of thumb is that keep everything clean, simple and fast. And that if it works, don't touch it! If you have something good going on, do not re-invent the wheel! And if you are worried about cookie control, it actually doesn't do anything. And same thing goes for matomo also, it doesn't do anything yet, because we don't have that feature installed on our server. It was testi-pannu that had that on-premises installation.

Fortunately, this site is only for demo purposes. When I checked the code, it was like ABBA was coding it from beyond the grave (the codebase is a bit messy and old'ish). So there is a lot of work to do.


The news section is under construction

The news section is under construction and coming up shortly. Here are some updates or upgrades that we have done so far,

  • Added lazy loading for images, and it's partly working. It works with the actual images (I think?), but not so much with the hero images, that are background images and they come from the depths of SCSS. Of course, I could slice and dice the background images, for every breakpoint. I don't see, that it's necessary now.
  • Made a feature, if you visit this site for the first time, the welcome message change after you reload the page.
  • Added Circle CI and .gitworkflows to this project, even though, they do nothing.
  • Tried to make the icons work locally, but still no luck.
  • TODO: Could add a floating scroll spy on the right side of the screen.
  • TODO: Enable dark mode.

But, in the meantime, feel free to contact me at anytime, jussi.k.jokinen [at]


So, what can I do to serve your company?

  • Installation and updating of operating systems, peripherals like printers, scanners, etc and software, mostly in Windows- and Linux-environments (debian/arch linux).
  • Web-programming, either LAMP or MERN-stack, but we prefer LAMP.
  • Information security
  • Consulting



On my last work place, I used to have like an army of ten. Like ten co-workers, but then things happened and now I'm army of one.


About me(?)

Jussi Jokinen aka. Hobbit and n00bsaiboth

"Jussi Jokinen aka. Hobbit and n00bsaiboth"

" - Computer (Linux) and backend wizard - "

Many of you might even know me already. I'm 40'ish web developer from Turku. Mostly doing freelancer stuff, but I've been playing and working with computers over 20 years. So I know a thing or two about computers or you can say that I know something about something.

I got the opportunity to show Citrus Solutions, what I'm made off. That fun lasted around 2 years, but Citrus is an awesome company and I would recommend that place for anyone.

For me, my Citrus career crashed for personal reasons, but now I have new tricks on my sleeve, like AzureDevOps, slightly AWS(?), Openshift, Drupal, Lando, Docker,, Gulp, webpack and version control with bitbucket. Altough, I think the Citrus family even might liked me. At least one thing is for sure, that the customers did like me. What makes me a good co-worker is that never give up -attitude, and that I can ask for help if needed. Usually means that I'm stuck. It was actually funny, when I entered Citrus, I had like zero knowledge of Drupal, but when I left there, I halfly master Drupal, not in a god mode, of course. That makes me a fast learner. Besides other developers, I love to documentate.

My strengths, expertise and interests (see the profile picture), are that I'm really enthusiastic about Linux (mostly Debian-family, let's not forget Raspberry Pi), backend development and for information security. For Citrus I was making PHP-upgrades and Drupal upgrades, and everytime got excited, like yes, this is my home field.

My weaknesess, instead lies on the frontend and that I speak better ATK than people.

So what do I do for fun? I love to listen to music, watch TV-series or movies, and play a lot of videogames. On a summer time, I like to cruise with my longboard.

But yes, if you want me, my salary wish is around 30-50 euros/hour, without taxes. Then again, my salary wish is negoatible.

See my whole CV Here.